About - Valeri Sabev

Full Stack Web Developer from Bulgaria.

I am an extremely motivated and goal-oriented person with immense interest and passion for computers, technology, and overall personal development.

In addition to this, I am recognised for bringing fresh ideas to the table, with clear communication, which deliver high-end results.

Employment Experience

Flex Cost

Full Stack Web Development


Custom manufacturer quoting software

Developed an e-commerce website with a custom content management system.

Utilised Next.js with React.js to perform server-side rendering and optimise for SEO.

Built a sophisticated admin dashboard for static content generation.

Implemented MySQL as our database and Git for our distributed version-control system.

Performed unit and integration testing with Jest before deployment.

Bauwerk Building Solutions

Full Stack Web Development


Premium European Windows & Doors

Engineered a complex configurator with 2D algorithmic graphical animations using p5.js.

Created a practical dashboard for data management and data analysis.

Implemented marketing tools SEO and SPA practices to increase sales.

Provided a stunning UI and UX by using React.js, JavaScript, jQuery, html, css, and ajax.

Planned out website development, converting designs into a usable responsive website.

Managed team communications and information for remote meetings within Slack.

Voluntary Work

Eurorisk Systems

Full Stack Web Development


Eurorisk Systems

Utilised Three.js to animate 3D computer graphics in a web browser using WebGL.

Accomplished a beautiful website interface with javascript, jQuery, html, css, ajax.

Built a rich component admin dashboard with the dhtmlx.js framework.

Ran debugging tests to eliminate flaws and catch out bugs prior to publishing the code.

Demonstrated responsiveness across Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other common browsers.

Kept work areas clean, organized, and safe to promote efficiency and team safety.

Transcard Financial Services

Full Stack Web Development


Transcard Financial Services

Developed multiple web projects by adopting and applying essential technical skills.

Applied multiple web tools to design, maintain, and deploy websites.

Designed and executed security measures such as Linux server firewalls and SSL encryption.

Planned and engineered RESTful web services to manipulate dynamic datasets.

Troubleshot and debugged code, ensuring cross-browser compatibility.

Enhanced communication and presentation capabilities by working in a team environment.

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